Among the easiest and least expensive of cosmetic dental procedures,  composite bonding can repair chipped or cracked teeth, close gaps, change the shape of teeth, or be used as a cosmetic alternative to silver amalgam fillings

Composite fillings procedure

Unless there are special circumstances, the process of getting a composite filling is fairly straightforward and can be finished in one visit.

  1. We may start by selecting the shade of composite to use in your filling at the beginning of your visit.
  2. You may or may not require a shot of a numbing agent for local anesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area.
  3. We will drill into your tooth enamel and remove the decayed part of your tooth.
  4. We’ll clean and dry the area and prepare the tooth. With more extensive damage, this might entail some tooth shaving.
  5. The dentist will etch and bond the tooth.
  6. We ’ll begin layering the composite material into the hole in your tooth and will use a light to cure the composite filling and get it to set..
  7. We will shape and contour the tooth, then polish it.
  8. We will check your bite to make sure you’re comfortable with the restoration.

Afterward, you might have a little short-lived sensitivity to heat and cold, but it should go away pretty quickly.


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